Cascade CPX-R Custom Lacrosse Helmet with Chromanium Mask

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Cascade CPX-R Custom Lacrosse Helmet with Chromanium Mask

The CPX-R helmet features Seven Technology for elite level protection from direct impact and the SPRfit system that allows you to change your comfort level on the fly. Customize in your team colors today.
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Product Information
  • SEVEN Technology™
  • SPRfit - ratchet adjustment
  • X Series Components
  • One Size Fits Most
Customize a Cascade CPX-R lacrosse helmet with chromanium mask  in your team colors. We knew the demand for a high performance helmet with the SevenTechnology liner that adjusts down for smaller heads was big. Understated. The SPRfit (Swiss Precision Ratchet that is) answers the bell with attitude. Check out the fellas at Cornell (you ever heard of it?) or their wicked smahht rivals in Beantown to see the CPX-R in action. All the smart kids are doing it. Mask available in straight Black. One size fits most.
Sizing Information
Fitting your Helmet

The CPX-R Helmet is classified "One-Size fits Most" (approx. 21-24" circumference); you may need to size up or down by completing the next steps. Place the helmet on your head and stand in front of a mirror for fitting.The frontal rim of the helmet should be no more than 1 inch (or one finger width) above the eyebrow. Once the correct height is established, the chin strap must be fastened at all four points of the helmet. This will keep the helmet in the proper position while you check and adjust the fit of the helmet. To adjust the chin strap, hold the chin cup squarely on your chin, and then adjust and fasten the front straps and finally the back. Make certain that the tension is equal on all 4 straps and that none is pulled out of alignment.

Back of Head

Use your fingers to feel just under the back rim of the helmet. The padding should be in firm, but comfortable contact with the head. If there are any gaps or if the helmet is too tight, try another size helmet, or adjust velcro on back of CS helmet, or adjust the SPRFit on back of the CPX-R helmet.

Back to Front

The fit of the front and back should be checked at the same time, because they affect each other. First, grip the helmet firmly on each side and rotate it gently from side to side, then up and down. The skin of the forehead should move with the helmet. If the helmet slips without moving the skin, try to adjust the SPRFit on back of the CPX-R helmet.

Second, lock your fingers behind your head and pull firmly toward you. If a gap appears between the front liner and the forehead, the CPX-R, try to adjust the SPRFit on the back of the CPX-R helmet.

Side-to-Side Movement

Place your hands on each side of the helmet and hold your head still. Gently force the helmet from side to side, watching the skin on the forehead. It should move with the helmet. There should be a firm resistance to the helmet. The liner should bunch the cheeks, but not slide around toward the nose. If there is too much movement side to side, try another size helmet, or change fit pad in CPX helmet.


The clearance between the end of the nose and the inside of the mask should be at least two to three fingers widths. Also, ensure that your vision has not been impaired by the placement of the horizontal bars.

The Grip Check

The final goal is to obtain a firm, yet comfortable grip on the head. There are several quick methods to assure that this goal has been attained. Put the helmet on and affix the chin strap

Top of Head Check

Lock your fingers on the very top of the helmet and firmly pull straight down on your head. Ask yourself where the pressure is felt. If the pressure is felt evenly distributed all over then you have a good fit on top. If pressure is felt on top, this answer is still acceptable. However, if you feel pressure minimally in front and back, then the helmet is too tight.

Vertical Movement

Again, place your hands on each side of the helmet and hold your head still. Gently force the helmet up and down. The skin on the forehead should move with the helmet, and with enough force it will eventually slip a little, but it should catch on the eyebrow without coming down on the nose. Check the chin strap. Caution! Even a good-fitting helmet can be brought down onto the nose, especially if the force is exerted on the facemask and not the sides of the helmet.

Final Overall Check

When you have completed the fitting, ask yourself whether you are comfortable with the helmet. If not, start the fitting process again.


Comfort is a relative term at best. The phrase “firm but comfortable” has been used throughout the fitting process already described and therefore should be explained. The body type and sensitivity of each individual determines what is comfortable. Players with little skin fat in the head area may be more sensitive and they will not feel comfortable. If this is you, it is more important to maintain a firm fit even if it means sacrificing comfort. Remember it is very important to maintain a “firm, but comfortable fit”. This should be monitored over time and reevaluated after a haircut or weight loss.

About Cascade
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When Bill Brine left his family's lacrosse equipment company to start Cascade, he had a vision for a company that would be driven by world-class product development, production and service. It is from that vision that the Cascade design team headed by Bill and featuring a talented group of designers from the leading design universities that began working on the next generation of lacrosse helmets. With their innovation and commitment to quality, Cascade now produces the highest quality custom lacrosse helmets on the market today with representation and domination at every level of play,from youth to World Champs. All Cascade helmets take 2-3 days to produce and ship direct from their warehouse in Liverpool, NY to your doorstep.

Check out this video for the Cascade CPX-R Custom Lacrosse Helmet with Chromanium Mask
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Please allow 3 or 4 extra business days for processing as all custom helmets are built as ordered. Your custom helmet is shipped directly from the manufacturer so orders placed with additional items will receive multiple packages. You can choose to order your helmet with express shipping but we cannot guarantee your estimated delivery date since it takes 3-4 business days for it to be built before shipping out via the shipping method you choose. Custom Helmet Orders outside of the continental United States may take several extra days to process and ship.

Returns and exchanges of Lacrosse Helmets require a 15% restocking fee.