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Warrior scores big with new online customizer for custom lacrosse gloves!

Posted by Jeff Robertson on

Out with the old, in with the new.

Gone are the days of the vector colored line drawings on a pancake flat image supposedly representing what a custom lacrosse glove should look like.  But, sadly more closely resembles your grade school project where you got to draw your own imaginary country with different colors representing your newly created states. 

Just this summer Warrior and Brine rolled out their new customizer for lax equipment and we at Elevation feel they did a bang up job.  As a formidable player in the team sales business we do a ton of custom glove orders each season and the process of doing artwork, confirming zones, fabrics, etc. became a bit mind numbing. Warrior has adopted the model made popular by Nike and allows the online designer to assign a specific ID to your order or design so that a dealer can reference it later.  Teams can even upload logos, add player names, numbers, and personalization.  Then all you have to do is pick your quantities and sizes and email it off to your dealer of choice for a quote or to place an order.

Photo Fo-real.

Most designers up until now swap vector colors and give your a very simplistic view of how your glove will end up looking.  We are big fans of the Warrior customizer as it not only shows photo real colors, but it also shows different textures when you swap between fabrics and materials.

But wait, there's more...

In addition to custom gloves, you can design your team a new TII helmet, custom arm pads, or even a fully custom Burn lacrosse shaft.  If you are a gear junkie like us, be sure to check out the new Warrior customizer and design your next pair of gloves, or home & away set of gloves, or home, away, and alternate set of gloves.  As always make sure you get the lowest price and take advantage of any early order savings when you work with Elevation Lacrosse on your next team order. Email or call us today.

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